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We’ve been told that we are ‘user-friendly’. That made us smile as that was our aim - to create a web agency that provides effective website and software solutions whilst talking plain English.


You need a knowledgable and experienced team to create an effective online presence that enhances your brand value and drives your business forward. We are a proven, pro-active web agency that will deliver a bespoke online solution and become an integrated part of your team.

Some things are impossible.
Finding a great web agency is not! (You’ve just done that!)

Coopers Jewellery, Barnstaple, North Devon

What makes us different?

There are a plethora of web design agencies out there - some good, some not so good. So how do you find the good ones?

Most youngsters these days can knock up a website using Wordpress, a template and a few pictures and words - or even use an online ‘do-it-yourself’ service. Indeed, a lot of so called ‘web agencies’ are based around this process! That‘s fine if you only need a basic online presence that might be found in the search engines. One of our clients who had unfortunately been down this route says “I may as well have set fire to my money!”

You get what you pay for’ - true in many industries but even more so in website development. If you are after more, you need a company that understands what makes websites successful, how to rank in the search engines and ultimately how to gain new clients. We‘ve helped make a lot of companies successful - in one instance even saving a business from closure.

Our work ethic is pretty simple. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our client - we believe that if something is not right then it is wrong - plain and simple!

Our core personnel

Colin Munday Partner - Graphic Design, HTML

Colin has been in the graphic design industry since 1982 - initially situated within the traditional commercial printing industry. Following the industry from manual artwork creation through to computer-based technology, it was a natural progression onto website development and, with a passion for learning new technology, Colin’s first website was published live in 1998.

Adam Clark Partner - front & back end development

Adam has been in the web development industry since leaving university in 2004. Starting out as a junior developer he progressed to development team manager before being asked to lead software development for a multi million pound equipment hire company. Adam thrives on challenging projects and has built on his vast knowledge of back end development by combining that with the current cutting edge languages and technologies available in front end development.

Kayleigh Clark Partner - front end development

Kayleigh has been in the web development industry since completing college in 2005. Kayleigh joined an established web design agency, working her way up from a junior web developer to her vital role as a front end developer. Seeking a new challenge Kayleigh started her own successful web design agency which she ran for many years before she took the decision to merge her agency with The Web Workshop.

Rob Blackmore

We make people happy!

I love the website thank you. You listened to me, did exactly what I asked of you, plus a couple of embellishments that we wholeheartedly approve of. We are both really pleased with it. You live up to the promises on your website; which is a refreshing change.

Maria Blackmore www.robblackmore.co.uk

You need a website that works for you!

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