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We are all different and with most things in life, made to measure is always best. Items that are made especially for us fit better, feel better and work better. This is true for websites. Companies are individual - so their website should reflect this and be individual too.

We never, ever, use website templates

Design is an inherent part of what makes certain websites successful. Websites that are different from the norm and function specifically for individual requirements are the ones that pull in the sales and form new customer relationships. Shouldn’t you be different?

Some things are impossible.
Individual and bespoke website development is not!


Individual Companies, Individual websites

Being individual is the key to success

The building or coding of a website is referred to as ‘website development’. Code must be written that can be interpreted by a website server to deliver a functional website for your clients to see. The development of an effective website needs to be specific for individual requirements. When it comes to building a website that works there is no ‘one size that fits all’ solution.

Sure, there are off-the-shelf systems such as Wordpress, Magento or Drupal to help build a website for the non-technically minded amongst us. However, these systems try to be that ‘one size fits all’ solution, and consequently you get a website that is just ‘same as’. And as the architecture of these platforms is so huge, they all take an age to load - very bad news!

Websites need to be developed specifically with the final functionality in mind. Content management systems that allow clients to keep their website up to date need to be quick and simple to operate (ever tried updating a Wordpress website?).

The websites we build are 100% bespoke and, as such, suit our clients’ requirements exactly. Because of this, further website additions and added functionality can be included at any time, quickly and easily.

We develop websites that are easy for our clients - not easy for us!

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Having had a poor experience with our previous web developers, we found moving over to The Web Workshop team a much more professional experience, with a personal touch and genuine interest in our business success. We are very much looking forward to working with Colin and team in the future.

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