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Bespoke Development
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FlushRain recognise that the wholesale replacement of our water infrastructure to meet the demands of a changing climate is unlikely to occur any time soon. Every litre of rain flushed is another litre of water that can be left in our reservoirs. As uptake of rainwater use increases, we can all play our part to help delay the impacts of droughts.

The Client Brief

Create a simple, professional and informative website to get across the need for the whole country to save water. Must be mobile friendly. To contain a method where viewers can lobby their local water company quickly and directly from the website.

Our Solution

We developed a simple bespoke website for FlushRain. The new website is very engaging and informative. A bespoke dynamic direct email system was developed and integrated into the website to enable direct lobbying of water companies. The site is fully responsive meaning that it displays correctly on all mobile devices.

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