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Special Occasions Florists are a family run business, based in Reading, who take pride in fulfilling their customers' floral requirements to the highest possible standard. Friendly trained staff are always available on the telephone and face to face, to help and advise and will take personal pride in your order.

The Client Brief

Produce a professional and eye-catching website that will entice new customers to contact Special Occasions Florists. Create the ability to purchase flowers and bouquets directly from the website as simply as possible.

Our Solution

A bespoke-design website was created that gave visual impact to potential customers. A bespoke database system was created that gave the ability to update the website quickly and an ecommerce system was added that facilitated purchases direct from the website. A new domain name was integrated to assist with search engine optimisation.

Being a traditional family florist of many years, the changeover a few years ago to offering an online service was a major step for such a small company. Thankfully after long discussions with Colin at The Web Workshop he convinced us the move would prove right and new customers would be gained.

How right he was! We are long-term members of a national florist relay system requiring major monthly expenditure - the results of our ecommerce website are equally rewarding.

After a few exchanges of information, the website end result is admired by all who see it! In terms of expenditure we could not be more pleased - not only is it the initial site that begins to get the tills moving, it’s the interest and follow up from The Web Workshop that is most impressive.

It’s frightening to think we could have missed out – it could have been devastating for a small company such as ours, and for both myself and my wife Mary (well into our seventies). The fact we have such a productive site is really quite exciting and in a funny way very modern!

The best advice I could give any potential customer is don’t waste any more time - take your discussions to the next level and get started - you won’t regret it!

- Special Occasions www.floristinreading.com

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